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513 Flying Nightmares

Orange County Register
USMC ~ "Grove Ace/Korea"
(One Night, Two Kills ~ A True Story Dedicated to Dr. Joseph Achilles Corvi)
In Kristy's History Thesis, probably the most remarkable NCAP (night combat air patrol) engagements made by a VMF(N)-513 crew occurred on December 10, 1952. According to Kristy's History Thesis, 1995 (p128-129),

lst Lt. Joseph Achilles Corvi (Call Sign ~ Eagle) and his radar intercept officer (R/O) M/Sgt D.R. George engaged and shot down two PO-2s using the APQ-35 radar system of his F3D-2 Skyknight. ... The F3Ds APG-26 gun radar locked onto the contact at a range of one and a half miles, and at a range of 1000 yards, Corvi opened fire though he could not actually see the target. After a second burst, the F3Ds radar unlocked from target, and Corvi and George flew under a PO-2 whose wings had separated from the fuselage. The two men watched the plane spiral into the water off Cho-do Island. Moments after this, "DUTCHBOY" vectored the F3D toward another target. In a repeat of the first encounter, George establish contact on the F3D's search radar and then locked in target on the targeting radar. Corvi only had time to fire a single burst due to his high airspeed, but "DUTCHBOY" had reported that this contact too had disappeared from his scope. ... Corvi's double kill (the second listed as "probably destroyed") marked the first time enemy aircraft had been destroyed without visual references, using only the lock-on capability of the APG-26 gun radar." This would be the only kills of the PO-2s by the F-3D.
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