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HP-12C Cash Flow Analyzer


Designed specifically for investment real estate professionals who want to make the most of their valuable and limited time, the “CASH FLOW ANALYZER” is a sophisticated, yet simple, program for use with the Hewlett-Packard HP-12C financial calculator.

Simply key in the required property data and the CASH FLOW ANALYZER calculates, in seconds, the investment indices commonly used in analyzing investment real estate.

For an instant review or in-depth analysis of a potential investment, you have the following data at your fingertips. 

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             • Purchase Price
             • Scheduled Income
             • Loan & Loan Payments
             • Operating Expenses
             • Gross Rent Multiplier
             • Capitalization Rate


             • Cash-on-Cash Return
             • Expense Percentage
             • Cost Per Unit
             • Debt Service Percentage
             • Net Rent Multiplier 

Easy to learn and use, the CASH FLOW ANALYZER program package comes complete with a 71-page user’s  handbook which illustrates the program’s use through detailed examples. Also included is a color-coded Lexan Plastic keyboard overlay (see diagram) labeling storage locations for the required inputs and all the computed outputs.

CFA Keyboard Overlay for HP-12C

Purchase Overlay


             • Buyer’s Cash Flow
             • Down Payment Amount
             • Percentage Down Payment 


             • Seller’s Financing
             • Net Proceeds
             • Seller’s Cash Flow
             • Seller’s Interest Rate
             • Cost of Sale 

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